Remember:  The images on this web page are low resolution digital imitations of the originals.
The original prints are vastly superior to their digital counterparts with regards to tonality, contrast, resolution, and sharpness.

 All matted prints are titled, dated, numbered, and signed by the photographer.

All images are printed on heavyweight, archival paper using longevity inksets.

If you have any questions regarding the making of the prints, contact me via the Contact page.

Sizes and Prices  
Photo Only
8 X 10*
11 X 14*
13 X 19*
20 X 24*
*Due to creative cropping, certain prints may not match the dimensions listed above.

Free Shipping:  Prices above include tax and shipping.

If interested in purchasing a print, contact me via the Contact page with the following information:

Name(s) of image(s)
Photo Only or Matted

Once I receive a check or money order in the mail, I will process your order and mail the print(s) as soon as possible.  Please allow two weeks for delivery.

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