2019 - Santa Fe Community College

Steve is a clear, proficient, organized instructor.

Excellent course.

Very patient, able to present material and answer questions.

Wonderful. Thank you.

An excellent introduction to and overview of the features in Adobe Lightroom. Thanks!

Class was excellent.

Thanks - lots of helpful info.

Very helpful instructor.

It was great.

Loved the class.

Very patient instructor!

This course was excellent!

Very detailed, down to the click.

Patient with all the picky little questions that stump people/students.

Very excellent teacher.

Be confident to take any of his classes.

I really like how Steven taught the course, easy to follow, intense with concise information, teaching content that I can actually use in my workflow.

Excellent instructor.

Steve, you are an excellent teacher! You’re patient, knowledgeable, give clear instruction, and are non-judgmental.

The Best! In detail and friendly and was always helpful with everyone.

Keep Steven Walenta, always SFCC.

I was very satisfied with Steven and the course. 

Awesome! Best teacher ever! Makes everything very understandable.

Very enjoyable - learned a lot!

Very engaging and useful; very well laid out.

Excellent course! Well communicated! I recommend!

Great course and instructor!! The veil of mystery and confusion about Lightroom disappears.

Steve is great at using analogies to make concepts understandable. 

I will never set my camera on “Auto” again!

Great comprehensive overview of digital camera use!

Very informative. Exactly the class I was needing. Enjoyed the humor.

This course is excellent.

Instructor is knowledgeable on the subject matter. It was a very relaxed atmosphere.

Would recommend this class.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting.

Great course. I’m no longer afraid of my digital camera and all its bells and whistles.

Covers a large amount of info in a comprehensive and understandable way.

Steve was very knowledgeable and professional. He made the class interesting.

This instructor was very knowledgable about how the camera functions.

He projects his information very, very well and uses visual examples to illustrate the salient points.

This class taught me respect for light and camera. Very well done.

Very helpful with all the information. Thanks!

Very personable and easy to talk with.

Great overall info on digital cameras!

Great course. Very helpful.

Very pleased with course experience. Steve fields questions extremely well. He makes himself available to students. 

Appreciate the class notes and the examples used to teach photographic principles. 

Steve’s sense of humor made the class fun as well as instructive.

Extremely knowledgeable and proficient at explaining complex subject matter.

Excellent instructor. The course materials are very well developed. The delivery is both effective and efficient. I am very happy I took this course.

2016 - Santa Fe Community College

Truly a great teacher which made for a very useful and positive class. Thank you!

I definitely would take other classes taught by Steve.

Very concise information and hands on learning.

This is my third class with Steve. All have been very good.

Steven is very clear in his instructions, going step by step in logical order.

I really feel that I learned a lot and will look forward to taking another class from him.

Very easy to understand.

Steven is great.

Excellent instructor, answers questions thoroughly.

Very patient which is helpful to a novice.

Good presentation slides to illustrate points.

I will sign up for any of his classes in the future.

Very good at presenting a lot of information.

Great visuals to explain concepts. Great handout. Enjoyable class.

Instructor is very knowledgable. Was available for any and all questions.

Great class. Appreciated instructors personal attention.

Great presentation of a very detailed subject.

Very satisfied with the course.

Steve has a pleasant way with instruction. He is patient and knowledgeable. HeÕs an excellent teacher.

Great class. Clear, concise instructions. Very encouraging teaching style.

Very patient and respectful.

Very knowledgable and excellent at conveying information.

Knowledgable instructor, accessible, helpful.

Steven is great.

Great class. Clean, concise information. Very encouraging teaching style.

Very patient and respectful of answering question.

Very good.

Very concise information.

This is my third class with Steve. All have been very good.

Steven is very clear in his instruction, going step by step in a logical order. I really feel that I learned a lot and will look forward to taking another class from him.

Truly a great teacher which made for a very useful and positive class. Thank you! I definitely would take other classes taught by Steve.

Very easy to understand.

A superb teacher - very organized, extremely helpful, and patient. A terrific learning experience.

Really learned so many new things. Thank you so much.

Awesome class. Patient, knowledgable instructor. Thank you!

He is a very patient teacher. And informative.

Steve is a very organized instructor which enabled us to learn more information in a short time. He was happy to answer all of our questions. HeÕs very patient helping students with difficulties. I will take Photoshop with him.

Learned a lot! Instructor gave great one-on-one attention. Knows the subject matter inside and out. Great teacher. Thank you!

Very clear and patient.

Very systematic, clear, and thorough. Great at explaining.

Instructor - very good.

Steve is very patient and informative.

Steve is always a clear teacher He is able to keep the class moving while giving the individual attention to keep students on track.

Very informative.

Instructor very organized and knowledgable Would take another class with him..

Good at keeping class moving while addressing concerns of individuals.

Structor excellent.

Mr. Walenta was excellent at answering questions from students and at dealing with the multiple-levels of experience in the classroom.

Very patient and gave excellent into.

Instructor well-organized and well-versed.

Generous instructor.

Very patient and good at answering questions.

Steve knows his stuff.

I have taken several photo classes. This was by far the best. Very practical and useful.

Class was excellent.


Great method of explaining subject matter.

Very informative. Pace was perfect. Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Steve was able to give individual students attention while moving very clearly through the material.

Obvious that he really knows the subject matter and is very clear in conveying the info. Also, had a great sense of humor.

Very informative and systematic.

Excellent instructor. Kind. Patient. Knowledgeable.

Instructor very good at addressing individual needs and questions.

I think he did a great job.

Very clear instruction.

2015 - Santa Fe Community College

Very organized, patient, and knowledgable instructor.

Teacher very accessible, organized, and informative.

Covered a lot of ground quickly and clearly. Plenty of time for individual help.

Very helpful gentleman.

As good as it gets. Great teacher/person.

Great teacher.

Excellent, patient, systematic instruction.

Steve is an excellent teacher. Knowledgable.

As good as it gets. Great teacher/person.

Well organized and well presented with an appreciation of the students limitations. Questions well answered.

Well organized and well presented.

Steve is very patient with students.

Great class.

He is so professional. Will take more classes from him..

This instructor is so informed and teaches for all to be able to learn, understand, and be comfortable with the unknown.

Steve is very patient with students. Thank you for giving us time to practice and ask questions.

Great class. Lots of hands-on activities.

Loved learning. He made it very easy.

Capable and approachable instructor.

Organized, enthusiastic, helpful. Outstanding class.

Wonderful presentation of a lot of information. Willing to answer many questions. Great speaking voice - easy to listen to and understand.

Instructor was very thorough - answered all questions, very patient, very knowledgeable. He knew the program well. Would definitely recommend the class.

Very patient instruction. Clear explanations. Always available for questions.

Knowledgeable, personable, and clear in his explanations.

Comprehensive. Individualized. Achieved what he said: I learned to love my Mac!

Steven explained everything so well that he was easy to follow. Answered all of our questions - went at a great pace - would take additional classes he teaches.

2014 - Santa Fe Community College

Fantastic - best help I have gotten! Made it fun - answered questions - has great patience!

Very likable. Thanks for the class.

Steve is easy ask questions and he is very willing to answer your questions.

Learned a lot!

Very knowledgeable instructor - personable delivery - enjoyable experience.

Always patient and knowledgeable.

Clear, answers all questions.

Explains clearly and concisely.

Steven makes the class so user friendly and fun! Thanks again for another fun class!

Good visuals and examples - very helpful.

Steve was great at anticipating our questions and often answered them before we asked!

The first hour of the class alone was worth the course fee.

Steve provided me with relevant and incredibly useful information.

Wonderful teacher.

Great instructor and info.

Steve is an excellent teacher!

Steve not only knows Photoshop inside out but is an excellent instructor because of his style and patience. I canÕt image a better, more relaxed style.


SteveÕs patience and attention to detail is beyond superb.

Fun and helpful. Thanks for being patient.

Steven was very clear. Very patient.

Great instructor. Clear. Concise.

Very knowledgable and thorough. Great individualized attention.

Steve is a great instructor. I learned a lot.

Well-paced class. Instructor mindful of individual students needs.

Flexible, well-organized, logical sequence, clear-spoken! Very helpful.

Extremely informative.

Very complete overview of a digital camera.

Very thorough. Pleasant, helpful teacher.

Very helpful.

Patient instructor.

Steven is a patient instructor - makes it easy to ask questions.

Very accessible and willing to help.

2013 - RENESAN Institute for Lifelong Learning


"Good teacher. Good notes."

"Steven is personable."

"Very willing to give individual attention."

"I really learned a lot."

"Taught all the things I never knew about my camera."

"Thorough understanding of subject by instructor."

"Very knowledgeable."

"Very informative."

"I have taken and read about photography in the past. This is the first time I have understood things. Terrific instructor!"

"Excellent job at explaining everything. Answers all questions and is very patient."

"Excellent instructor."

"Very informative. Very helpful."

"Great teacher - lots of individual help."

"Wonderful teacher - knowledgeable, patient, helpful, fun."

Very organized and clear.

Steve is a very thoughtful and thorough instructorÉhis patience level is unsurpassed. The Community College is very lucky to have him.

This class met all my expectations.

Very clear and helpful.

Very good at describing how to operate a camera and take the best picture possible.

Well presented class.

Excellent handout and examples.

Steve is thorough, organized, clear, helpful, and committed. Great experience.

Very good, understandable explanations if camera controls. Excellent handout.

2013 - Santa Fe Community College

"Steve in one of the best instructors in photography and digital imaging at SFCC. He is patient, kind, empathetic and funny. His approach to teaching is unparalleled in the fact of how clearly and logically he presents the information."

"Steve presented Lightroom in a clear, concise way."

"A great teacher! Has expertise. Also very patient. Also, nice, warm guy. Thanks, Steve."

"I enjoyed this class a lot. It was engaging, interesting and Steve did a superb job teaching it."

"Extremely useful, well organized. Steven kept the class on track and we covered a lot of material without it being confusing."

"Really great!"

"Responsive to personal needs, attends to special requests."

"Clear and patient instructor, knowledgeable."

"Always answered questions clearly."

"Great instructor, great class, Steve is articulate and patient."

"Great class!"

"Excellent instructor."

"Great, worked with everyone very well."

"Steve is clear and takes us through the process in an organized manner."

"Very thorough."

"Very friendly explanations"

"Steve explains things very well - very patient."

"Very accessible for questions."

"Very thorough and well prepared."

"Really nice, basic foundation for amateur photographers. Lots of great info."


"Useful. Clear. Interesting. Great instructor."

"Steven logically stepped us through the basics. His pace was good and we we able to ask questions throughout the lesson."

"He is very good at explaining the concepts and provided excellent examples to illustrate his points. The humor was fun, too. I look forward to taking more courses."

"Professional. Excellent introductory digital photography class. Highly recommended."

"Covered many aspects of photography. Great information."

"Good knowledge. Clear example. I enjoyed the class since the first day."

"Steve is patient and willing to help with individual problems."

"Steven is an excellent instructor for a course involving computers because he is very patient."

"Outstanding class from a highly skilled professional."

"Excellent class and instructor."

"Very good. Concise."

"Great class. Learned a lot each class."

"Down to earth, easy to understand, moved at a perfect pace."

"Steve shows patience in answering many questions!"

"Explains in ways for me to understand. Great instructor!"

"Steve made himself very clear in his presentations."

"Very informative. Would recommend class."

"Great start to a future of great photography."

"Instructor is clear and concise."

"Instructor knows subject and articulates well."

"Nicely reframes questions for class to understand."

"Great organization, presentation and information."

"Very good coverage of topic material."

"Lots of good/applicable examples."

"Very detailed, helpful information that is clearly and expertly presented."

"Very thorough class. Clear, helpful and straightforward."

"Great notes. Always addressed questions quickly and effectively."

"Great use of time - efficient!"

"Good hands-on experience. Instructor open to questions."

"A very thorough introduction to the software."

"Great instructor."

"Great explanation. Very useful instruction and tips."

"Steven is very organized and clear with his instructions. I would take another class with him."

"Clear, knowledgeable instruction."

"Very good. Concise."

"Very good. Concise."

"Very good. Concise."

"Very thorough class. Clear. Helpful and straight forward."

"Always addressed questions quickly and effectively. Great use of time. Efficient!"

"Very detailed, helpful information that is clearly and expertly presented."

"Very good coverage of topic material. Lots of good/applicable examples."

"Great organization, presentation and information."

"Instructor is clear and concise."

"Instructors knows subject and articulates well."

"Nicely reframes questions for class to understand."

"Very informative. Would recommend class."

"Steven shows patience in answering many questions! Explains in ways for me to understand."

"Great instructor!"

"Great - down to earth, easy to understand."

"Great class. Learned a lot each class."

"Steve makes himself very clear in his presentations ."

"Very clear instructions. Interesting presentations."

"Took time with students. Clear instructions."

"Excellent teaching skills and communication."

"Good class."

"Very informative."

"Liked that Steve answered all questions. Very helpful."

"Very patient, direct, clear, knowledgeable."

"Steve teaches in a very clear, comprehensible style."

"He is very open to questions from students."

"He is the best - very clear in explanations and demonstrations."

"Patient, encouraging, very knowledgeable, great individual attention."

"Content was really useful!."

"Steve is very patient with everyone."

"Outstanding class organization. Steve knows his subject and is able to relate to all student skill levels. I also appreciate his humor, as well."

"Clear instructions."

"Excellent teacher. Would take another class with Steve."

"Very patient with questions - he gives plenty of time for individual help before, during and after class. Really helpful!"

"Steve was able to help me navigate through any questions I had on my camera. Also presents topics orderly, succinctly and clearly."

"Masters all questions. Enjoyable class."

"Explanations were not too technical. Really great slides to help show different effects of color, light, exposure, etc."

"He is very well prepared. Steady pace. Excellent workbook."

"Able to address a broad spectrum of experience."

"Great information. Makes class interesting and easy to understand the subjects."

"Excellent presentation of subject matter. Good detail in explanations."

"Class handout is outstanding. Would highly recommend this class."

"Good review of the subject. Nice overall presentation with notes, pictures and in-class slides."

"Very good class! Very comprehensive."

"Steve is very articulate. Very informative."

"Concepts presented in a clear and systematic way. Great examples of how to and what not to do."

"Excellent instructor. Made material very easy to understand. Concise presentation of material."

"Friendly and helpful."

"Well organized and presented."

"Overall, a worthwhile class."

"Comprehensive. Clearly presented. Informative. Interesting. Highly enjoyable. Thank you Steven!!!"

2012 - Santa Fe Community College

"Steve is superb. Prepared. Knowledgeable. Enthusiastic."

"I enjoyed his class very much."

"I learned more than I thought possible."

"Tremendous amount of information presented very well."

"Steve is very knowledgeable and presented material well."

"I've learned a lot of valuable knowledge. Thank you!"

"Very comprehensive overview of digital photography."

"Great class with methodological approach to digital photography."

"Instructor's syllabus is excellent."

"Just right."

"Steve is a fabulous teacher."

"Fun, thorough, creative, concise, very methodical, and very open and patient with all questions, and extremely polite and kind."

"Great Teacher."

"I would take any class he teaches."

"Great pace. Clear explanations. Excellent Powerpoint illustrations."

"We will take any class that Steven teaches."

"Very informative - great class."

"Very helpful."

"Knows and presents each technical aspect very clearly."

"His extensive archive of teaching material helps to further understand his points."

"Steve was very thorough, explained in detail, answered every question."

"Very helpful."

"Very hands-on and helpful in problem solving."

"Helpful to students."

"Steven was very easy to understand and explained things thoroughly."

"Knows his stuff."

"Is patient with students. Is clear with instructions."

"Very helpful hints. Thank you!"

"Learned a lot."

"Very good and clear."

"Class very well organized. Clear and interesting presentation."

"Steve is very knowledgeable and very good at conveying information for class. I learned a lot."

"The instructor is very clear and knowledgeable and patient."

"I learned a lot as a beginner. Thanks!"

"Excellent instructor."

"Steven is an exceptional instructor. All of his classes are so loaded with excellent info, well laid out, lots of fun, very clear and methodical."

"I marvel over Steve's patience and ability to encourage and answer all questions, remain calm and focused. He is GOOD."

"Steven is an excellent instructor and we will take every class he teaches."

"Instructor is accessible."

"Steve truly knows the subject and has a talent for teaching."

"Well prepared."

"Thanks Steve!"

"One of the best teachers."

"Very hands on, very helpful to individual requests, answered all questions."

"Learned a lot."

"He is patient and has a great way of making sure we all understood the information."

"Good class."

"Very thorough."

"Cool guy."

"Great computer class."

"Steven is articulate, organized, helpful."

"Steve is cool."

"Awesome class."

"Great information and resources."

"The instructor is well informed and very generous with information and time. I learned a lot."

"Steve is a thorough, clear, communicator. My third class with him!"

"Steven has excellent knowledge of subject matter and it was well presented."

"Great material. Well organized."

"Steve is patient and thoughtful."

"Loads of info!!!"

"I enjoyed the class."

"Content was exactly what I was looking for."

"Effectively presented."

"Tons of great info presented by a real professional."

"This class was well worthwhile!"

"Mr. Walenta is knowledgeable, professional, courteous and accessible."

"Very good, well informed instruction and great sense of humor."

"Lots of good information."

"Very informative. Personal attention was great."

"Very helpful."

"Steve is very knowledgeable and ready with an answer to any question."

"Very helpful."

"Steve is very knowledgeable and approachable."

"He can answer any question!."

"Steven is slow and understanding when working with someone who knows nothing about the subject."

"Clear. Patient."

"CLear instruction."

"Easy manner."

"Good with stupid questions."

"Easy to understand."

"Very friendly and patient instructor."

"Steven is very knowledgeable of the subject and is a very good communicator."

"He is very patient with people who don't know much about computers."

2011 - Santa Fe Community College

"Outstanding instructor in all ways."

"Great instructor - look forward to other classes with Steve."

"Patient and smart - what a great combination in a teacher! Thank you. Great class!."

"I enjoyed this course and learned a lot! Thanks."

"Steve has a lot of patience!!"

"Informative class. Instructor was very knowledgeable."

"I would highly recommend this class."

"Incredibly informativeÉvery well organizedÉand the instructor was very approachable and helpful with all questions."

"Excellent class - well organized and taught. Steven did a great job."

"Thorough presentation of information, useful multimedia presentation, years of experience to draw on."

"Very informative."

"Very Good! I loved it!."

"Very good."

"Steve was very clear in his explanations and was also very willing to answer all questions raised by each student."

"This class was extremely helpful to me."

"He has real command of the subject matter, explains things well and is patient!"

"Very informative, knowledgeable and able to answer all questions."

"Easy to understand."

"Wonderful class. Learned a lot and want to take more classes in the future."

"Materials were clearly presented."

"Instructor provided ample opportunity for students to ask questions."

"He made himself available to help with student's cameras."

"Very good overview of digital cameras and principals of photography."

"Great class! Thank you!"

"Fantastic class. Great explanations. Fantastic slides."

"Highly recommend this class!!."

"Answered questions so well."

"Very good explanations."

"Straight forwardÉlearned a lot."

"Really friendly, open to any questions, very easy to understand."

"Good speaking voice, really enjoyed his class."

"Amazing photographer!"

"Mr. Walenta is easy to learn from."

"Third class with him and have learned so much and enjoyed them all."

"He explains things simply and beautifully."

"Very helpful and friendly - thank you!."

"Clear, concise, intelligent, affable."

"Thank you - so much fun!"

"Very clear explanations, very practical."

"Steve is obviously very knowledgeable and and excellent instructor."

"Outstanding teacher."

"Very good explanations."

"Explanations very clear - responsive to questions."

"The teacher and course subject were excellent. He was very patient."

"Steve is excellent."

"Learned so muchÉwill look forward to Steve's future classes."

"Did excellent job explaining exposure and contrast."

"Photos used to illustrate various concepts were very helpful."

"Enjoyed it - will take more."

"Outstanding class! Excellent organization. Great examples."

"I appreciated and very much enjoyed this class. I look forward to continuing."

"Will take more classes with Steven. Thanks!"

"Very good."

"Very good explanations."

"Clear, concise, intelligent, affable."

"Very helpful."

"Organized, clear, patient, informative."

"He's very knowledgeable - and patient!."

"Very thorough and helpful. Practical."

"Teacher is patient and communicates very well."

"Enjoyable and thorough instructor."

"Well explained."

"Well organized and very informative."

"Steve does a great job of distilling an enormous amount of material down into a short, intense course. Thanks so much, Steve"

"Well prepared. Well organized. Articulates instructions clearly."

"Steven excelled at presenting a large amount of information about a complex software program in a short time and separated the wheat from the chaff about the program's features and uses."

"Instructor was very concise."

"Steven is very patient with questions."

"Instructor is knowledgeable and effective."

"Good break-down and pacing for complex subject."

"Excellent presenter - very funny and knowledgeable."

"Would take additional classes from this instructor."

"Wonderful class - very informative, practical and interesting. Thanks!"

"Easy terminology/definitions to make subject easy to understand."

"Significantly helped me find and use the features of my camera."

"Speaks clearly, kindly, knowledgeable and polite."

"Great class."

"Steven is an interesting teacher and showed good examples."

"Thank you so much for your very clear instruction."

"Excellent teacher, great communication skills."

"It was a god class, learned new things, helpful instructor."

"Very clear and concise."

"Very patient."

"Easy to understand, very knowledgeable."

"Very informative."

"Really great instructor."

"I wish Steve taught a longer class."

"Steven was such a great instructor! "

"I learned so much and am very pleased with his knowledge and expertise."

"Thank you so much for all you taught. Great job!"

"Was patient with students."

"Very, very helpful class."

"I really enjoyed Steve's teaching style."

"Excellent at responding to questions."

"Great instructor. Answers all questions. Met all expectations and more."

"Steve is great."

"Good sense of humor."

"Steve is knowledgeable and can communicate his knowledge."

"He is attentive to class concerns and responsive."

"Opened my world."

"Steve was very helpful."

"Enjoyed and learned a lot! Thank you."

"Excellent teacher; very patient and explains very well."

"Look forward to taking more classes with this instructor."

"Very helpful to each student."

"Learned a lot."

2010 - Santa Fe Community College

"Steve is very knowledgeable and is able to teach what he knows in an interesting manner."

"Well organized, patient, succinct presentation."

"You speak precisely, clearly, no mumbling."

"Very courteous. Enjoyed the learning opportunity."

"I highly recommend Steven Walenta and the class."

"Enjoyed class very much. Learned a lot."

"Clear, friendly, nice pace, great info."

"Knowledgeable instructor."


"Steve makes things very clear."

"Good explanations. Good progression - made it easy to understand."

"Easy to understand and good explaining."

"All questions are answered."

"Excellent job. I really learned a lot."

"I enjoyed this class very much. Steve was very good at explaining technical info. Made it easy to understand. I am finally learning the ins and outs of my camera."

"Excellent class."

"I learned exactly what I wanted to."

"Steven Walenta explains concepts/terms very well."

"I learned A LOT! Thank you!"

"Instructor very experienced, knowledgeable. Good teaching style. Thank, Steve."

"Makes topic interesting (thanks)."

"Steve, thanks for making learning photography fun."

"Lots of info very well explained - thanks."

"As a former photojournalist, I wish my first photography instructor was as thorough as you."

"Well conceived, professionally taught."

"Excellent class throughout. Well paced."

"Great teacher with lots of experience. Very patient answering questions."

"I look forward to taking another class from Steve."

"I loved the class very, very much - I'd take it again."

"He creates a comfortable learning environment."

"Excellent class - lots of very good information."

"The class is exactly what I needed and wanted. I now understand the basics of how to take a good picture. Steven is a great, knowledgeable instructor."

"Very good, easy to understand."

"Teacher is enthusiastic, personable."

"Clear, concise. Great visuals!!"

"Very thorough and clear presentation."

"Very good instruction."

"I have learned everything I have struggled to figure out on my own, in the two classes I've taken with Steven."

"Love the casual learning environment. Explanations are clear and consise."

"I learned a lot!"

"Not a scary instructor. Well prepared. Fun. Very informative."

"Well organized, informative. Fun."

"Learned many useful, practical things that I can put to work right away."

"Impressed by your knowledge of cameras."

"Appreciate the relaxed, low-key approach. It makes for a good learning environment."

"I would like to take more classes with Steve."

"Great examples. Clear instruction. Learned a lot."

"Very knowledgeable instructor - very good at explaining subject matter."

"Best instructor I've had."

"Enormous patience."

"I got so much out of this class and looked forward to coming each week."

"Instructor was very easy to understand."

"Great class. Lots of info. Good job."

"The information that was taught was very helpful and useful."

"Very useful information. Well presented. Well organized."

"Great information"

"Enjoyed the class very much - learned some techniques I didn't know and was introduced to some great equipment."

"I can't wait for the next class."

"Good teacher. "

"Amazing class - left me wanting more!"

"Great instructor!"

"Patience personified along with outstanding knowledge and skill are just a few of Mr. Walenta's outstanding qualities. He's a great teacher."

"Steve is an excellent instructor who really gets you involved in the love of working with photos and the 'Miracle' of Photoshop!"

"Very patient and easy to follow."

"Great personality."

"Very helpful!"

"Phenomenal teacher."

"Fantastic teacher. This was my 4th class with him."

"Thoroughly effective and easy to talk to. No ego. I enjoy his classes very much."

"Excellent instruction with great examples to illustrate points."

"Very patient instructor."

"Steven was an amazing instructor. I have learned so much."

"Great job- thanks so much!"

"Fun! Excellent class. Very informative and well organized. Exceeded expectations!"

"Steve is an excellent instructor."

"I enjoyed the class - Steven did a great job - Steven is patient and helpful with all students."

"Great class."

"Steve is very interesting and friendly to our personal questions/needs."

"Really a very good class."

"Enjoyed this class very much."

"Good class material and class lecturing Instructor has good presentations."

"Very knowledgeable professor. Personable. Good presentations."

"Good knowledge. Able to convey important points."

"Very well-explained."

"Really enjoyed this class - learned so much that I couldn't have learned from an instruction manual. Good job."

"Good instruction."

"Well presented."

"I enjoyed taking this class with Mr. Walenta. He is very knowledgeable and super approachable. I would take future classes with Mr. Walenta."

"Very clear descriptions."

"Very helpful in every sense."

"Steve is great."

"I love taking classes with Mr. Walenta."

"Steven is excellent. Clear directions. Class well organized."

"He is very patient with a gazillion questions."

"He is humorous and fun. Extremely knowledgeable about subject."

"Very competent. Good explainer."

"Great overview and introduction to digital photography."

"Able to describe in "lay" terms - made complex subject matter much more approachable."

"I learned everything I set out to in this class."

"Organized, well-covered topics."

"I came into this class wondering why I had signed up for a class on a Tuesday night during dinnertime. Boy, was I glad I did - I signed up for another class with the same instructor."

"Well organized - good support material."

"Gives good practical uses for camera settings."

"Instructor is knowledgeable - visual aids were good!"

"Learned a lot."

"He gives personal attention to students who need it."

"He thoroughly answers questions."

"Instructor is very knowledgeable and patient with students."

"Had lots of fun."

"Learned lots."

"Steve is helpful and thorough."

2009 - Santa Fe Community College

"Steven is very knowledgeable and very patient."

"Walenta brings a wealth of experience to the class and offers practical applications in a very useable way."

"He is patient without condescension."

"Concise, succinct and very thorough."

"Extremely generous in answering questions."

"Excellent instructor."

"An excellent instructor."

"Excellent knowledge of subject."

"Steven is knowledgeable, patient and is able to work with students at different skill levels simultaneously."

"Steve's patient, helpful, outgoing and good-natured."

"Great class! Thanks Steve."

"Very well done. Handles questions well - even the redundant ones."

"Wow! Thank you!"


"Excellent class and the information was presented clearly.."

"Knowledgeable, professional. Keeps your attention up."

"Great class! Very knowledgeable. Very clear - which made understanding the course subject easy."

"A +! Thank you!"

"Enjoyed very much."

"Definitely answered my questions and met my needs. Fantastic teacher."

"Learned a lot of things I didn't know."

"Steve explains things very well - great teacher."

"Great overview. Extremely helpful Great with questions and engaged with students. Visuals were excellent."

"Instructor is extremely well organized and knowledgeable - I am learning a lot."

"Great class. Covered lots of info."

"Steve has been very good about teaching us about the different features of our cameras. I loved it!!."


"Easy to understand"

"Well organized. Thanks for a great class!"

"Friendly, knowledgeable."

"Great once again, Steve - the best instructor here!."

"Great class! Thanks Steve."

"Easy to follow. Very fun."

"Steven Walenta is an outstanding teacher - so organized, very patient."

"Very clear explanations and instructions."

"All my questions were answered."

"Excellent! Learned so much."

"Easy to understand and very helpful."

"Excellent, clear information, useful, well organized."

"Clear instructions. Easy to follow."

"Instructions were clear, questions were well answered. Very good class!"


"Excellent class. Easy to follow."

"Class was very easy to understand."

"Very patient. Lots of helpful info."

"Taught in an organized fashion."

"Good information and demonstrations."

"I enjoyed the class and learned a lot."

"Patient with students who were not very computer literate."

"I will take other classes offered by this instructor."

"Concise and informative in easy to understand language."

"Organized and well prepared."

"Material presented quickly and easily."

"Information covered was interesting and very useful."

"Very informative."

"Open and willing to take questions."

"Great class."

"Lots of great info - broken down easily."

"Thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, approachable."

"Great teacher."

"Incredibly clear, thorough, open to questions, patient."

"Very informative."

"Instructor is patient and very able to teach simultaneously to both sophisticated and less experienced students."

"Great sense of humor."

"I wish I could suggest improvements but you already do a great job."

"Good instruction."

"Very informative."

"Very well done."

"Personal instruction is great."

"Great teacher."

"Takes time to help individually."

"Instructor was very patient with us! Difficult material presented logically."

"Very enlightening."

"Very thorough, knowledgeable and patient instructor. EXCELLENT!."

"Really good content and presentation."

"Appreciate presentation style - patient with adverse age groups and knowledge base."

"Feel comfortable asking questions."

"Clear, complete info that is really helpful/useful."

"Excellent course. Excellent instructor."

"Very patient, very organized, encouraged questions, explains things thoroughly."

"Good at putting it in a way that I can understand."

"Great material clearly presented."

"Great! Very helpful!!"

"Instructor was excellent! Presented information in a very "understanding" method."

"I enjoyed the class. Learned a lot about my camera. Keep up the good work."

"Good example, organized, knowledgeable."

"Well organized; responsive to questions; very available."

"Loved the class - learned so much."

"Well organized. Excellent."

"Good class."

"Clear explanations, lots of examples, excellent visual aids."

"Descriptions are very clear and easy to understand."

"I'm eager to take other classes from you."

"Excellent information, pace of class was great, explained technical stuff in layman's terms, great instructor."

"Enjoyed the class very much. Learned a lot about my camera."

"Well organized."

"Instructor was clear, knowledgeable. Enjoyed the class."

"Very informative. Breaks things down so they're very understandable."

"Great at answering questions and amazing depth of knowledge about various cameras and functions."

"Very accommodating instructor."

"He was easy to follow."

"Very worthwhile course - would recommend to others."

"I appreciate your patience with all our questions."

2008 - Santa Fe Community College

"He really knows his stuff."

"Very clear and concise presentation."

"Great class!"

"Logical, practical."

"Near perfect."

"Steve Walenta is an amazing instructor for someone like me w/o computer skills."

"Excellent teacher - organized, presents clearly - good with difficult material."

"Steve's very clear and personable, knowledgeable. LOVE his classes."

"He's perfect."

"I wish that Steve taught more classes - I've already taken them all."

"Wonderful, upbeat personality. Shares his knowledge in easy-to-remember tips."

"Very well put together."

"(I liked) his patience. knowledge."

"He's very good!"


"He made the subject fun and not intimidating."

"Friendly, knew his subject."

"Easy going attitude."



"Very well organized and very linear - nuts and bolts approach. This is appropriate for the content."

"Steve does a fine job."

"he was organized and direct."

"Instructor is very knowledgeable."

"Good class."

"Steve really made the class interesting with his great personality."

"Thank you for helping me understand photography so much better."

"Well organized."

"Very informative and to the point."

"Best photo class I've had!"

"Very knowledgeable instructor."

"Steve is a great instructor and made himself available to students. Thanks, Steve!"

"Steve made challenging information easily understandable and functional."

"The instructor was very clear, allowed time and has a great sense of dry humor."

"Steve is a great combination of very relaxed and easy going, but knowledgeable and focused."

"The organization of the class as very good and the course outline was clear."

"Good environment - upbeat."

"Great at teaching. Was able to explain complex ideas with everyday examples."

"Very informative."

"His professional background with a simple approach - easy to understand."

"He was very approachable."

"his enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject."

"Very clear instruction - fun, too!"

"Keep up the great work."

"The explanation of technical items was great."

"He was very well-infromed and also funny."

"Very good at answering questions and further explanations."


"Sense of humor."

"Easy to understand, patient."

"Very positive and reassuring."

"Very practical."

"Great class! I will take more with this instructor."

"The information was wonderful."

"He was great."

"I was very pleased."

"Was organized and prepared for class."

"I enjoyed taking the class."

"Excellent class."

"The instructor was well prepared for each session, provided excellent examples and was patient with each participants questions."

"Enjoyed the class and learned lots!"

"Practical information and tips."

"Made photography fun and interesting while learning."

"Very worthwhile, would like to continue taking more of Steve's classes."

"Clarity and logic of communication."

"Accessibility. Great examples. Simple explanations. Good visuals."

"This class was extremely practical. It really cut to the chase."

"Clarity, openness and willingness to answer all questions."

"Casual, relaxed approach."

"Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable instructor."

"Allowed for me to learn about the art as well as how to use my camera."

"Great teaching technique."

"Personal interaction. Dynamic. Generous. Allowed lots of questions."

"Taught me exactly what I needed to know and I was able to apply this at home."

"Very practical."

"Knowledgeable, interesting and experienced."

"Clear and responsive."

"Steve is a very personable, kind man and a good teacher."

"It was a very good class."

"Very practical and hands on."

"Great class."

"Instructor was very knowledgeable."

"I can use my camera much better."

"Steve did a great job."

"It was perfect."

"Whatever you are paying him isn't enough."

"I understand my camera better."

"Learning was optimal, relevant and timely."

"I appreciated the pace of the class."

"Learned a lot. Clear and concise instruction."

"Good class. Well taught."

"Very good at presenting sequentially from the basics up."

"He's a good teacher."

"Good descriptions for beginner and advanced students."

"Everything clearly explained."

"Interesting instructor and informally presented in a way that is easy to understand."

"It was good."

"Very good course and good teacher."

"Very organized - moved along well."

"Steven explained things very well and made things easy to understand."

"The course was very interesting."

"Well prepared, effective teacher. Respectful of students. Encouraged questions."

"Willing to look at individual cameras and answer questions."

"I would take any class Steve teaches."

"Not stressful."

"Very personable, instructive and knowledgeable."

"Made learning basic Mac functions seem very easy."

"He does very well."

"Very clear. Easy to understand."

"Not stressful."

"I learned a lot."

"Instructor was very encouraging."

"I thought everything was great."

"Teaching was clear, concise and easy to understand."

"Relaxed instruction."

"Logical train of thought. Practical."

"Good communicator. Patient."

"Steven explains things in an easy-to-understand manner."

"Easy to learn teaching method"

"(I liked) Steve's accessibility, patience, clarity of instruction, involvement with the students and his sense of humor."

"Steven was very patient."

"He made learning new things very interesting!"

"Very interesting and informative."

"The class was exactly what I was looking for."

"The instructor was very knowledgeable."

"The total experience was excellent."

"(Steve) eagerly shares info."

"Excellent course."

"Easy to follow, technically knowledgeable."

"(I liked) his ability to share his knowledge in a way that is easily understood."

"Very personable and made things seem easy."

"He is enthusiastic."

"Met my goals."

"I now feel that I can use my camera more effectively."

"Good information, good course."

"Great for basic understanding of digital photography."

"Steve was good."

"He speaks loudly and precisely."

"I understood his detailed discussion."

"Steve is very personable, good humor, easy to listen to."

"Course is smartly laid out, easy to follow."

"Good presentation, good teacher."

"Down to earth, practical info. Applicable to all photo situations."

"Very interesting. I even read my instruction manual from cover to cover."

"He did a great job."

"Very knowledgeable."

"Personable - enjoyable class."

"Good class."

"(I liked his) effectiveness and teaching methods."

"Appropriate initial steps for a complex application."

"(He provided) well prepared photos to work with."

"The content was concise and extremely helpful and I enjoyed Steven's teaching style."

"His concrete presentation of examples for the class and his willingness to answer every question patiently."

"Very descriptive and patient."

"Practical application of knowledge."

"Good presentation."

2007 - Santa Fe Community College

"He's a good teacher."

"He's an excellent teacher - prepared, organized and a good presenter."

"I'd take all his classes."

"He's very good."

"Mr. Steve Walenta made the course work fun, accessible and fostered camaraderie too. His visual aids were terrific."

"Easy to understand and thorough."

"Enjoyed instructor's energy and sense of humor."

"Pleasant, easy-going, kept it simple and non-threatening to a beginner."

"Steve explains everything clearly and the material covered was exactly what I needed."

"I would recommend this class highly."

"Sense of humor; tremendous knowledge and experience; made the topic really practical and non-intimidating to learn."

"Steve knows the subject matter well and creates an atmosphere where people can learn what is being taught."

"I really enjoyed the class and learned a great deal."

"Steve knew his topic and could convey it to us lay people in simple terms."

"Instructor was very well prepared and taught to all levels of expertise."


"Great presentation ability - super knowledgeable."

"Well prepared and knowledgeable."

"Easy to understand."

"Knowledgeable, well prepared and pleasant."

"The instructor was knowledgeable and friendly."

"Knowledge was made easily understood in a simple manner that all could pick up."

"He made technical understandable!!."


"Steve has a very clear delivery and dynamic presence."

"Friendly and knowledgeable."

"A relaxed atmosphere with high quality teaching."

"Steve knows his subject and communicate well."

"Knowledgeable and a good communicator."

"Explained things very well. Kind, personable fellow."

"Steve is an excellent instructor. Clear, concise, knowledgeable."

"Good sense of humor."

"Really made sure our questions were answered."

"The information Steve gave us was always useful. He explained things in a way that all could understand."

"Everything was excellent."

"He's a good teacher."

"Steve was clear, patient, knowledgeable."

"Instructor presented material in ways that were easy to grasp."

"Great class and instructor."

"Before the class I hated my Photoshop Elements 3. Now I love it!"

"The instructor was awesome - very knowledgeable."

"I am so glad that I took the class and will take other classes from him in the future."

"Very organized." 

"My course and instructor have helped me get better with my photography and art."

"Instructor was great."

"Clear direction; easy manner of instructor; excellent teaching skill."

"Steve is very knowledgeable!"

"I actually understood the subject matter - reading about it just didn't do it."

"He was able to be detailed/technical without going over my head."

"Personable, knowledgeable, informative, approachable."

"Very relaxed and informative."

"His experience."

"He was very organized and articulate - and presented well. He and the class exceeded my expectations." 

"His knowledgeable and expertise."

"Took the mystique away from Photoshop."

"Steven is a great teacher."

"Instructor was very open and ready to answer questions."

"Excellent instructor - hard to find among computer experts."

"Instructor was very knowledgeable about subject."

"Highly knowledgeable, prepared, affable."

"I gained a lot of knowledge."

"Easy to understand."

"Knowledgeable, personable, patient."

"Knows his stuff. Easy to follow."

"Steve is clear, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable - great teacher!"

"Informative with humor."

"Interesting and made a difficult subject easier to understand."

"He was personable, helpful and had a great sense of humor."

"It's a difficult course to teach because everyone has a different camera. He was able to balance generalities and specifics while still keeping the material useful and interesting."

"Very knowledgeable and effective at getting information communicated and great that he's made himself available for student questions and help."

"I liked the simplicity and detail that Steve used to teach this class. He gave good examples , either by illustration or explanation."

"Interesting speaker. Gave lots of examples and possibilities."

"Has done a great job. BEST class yet!"

"Friendly, created comfortable environment for "newbies" by going slowly and helping us see interrelatedness of all the concepts."

"Extremely knowledgeable and personable."

"Spoke in laymans language. Did not try to show how smart he is."

"He proceeded in a logical and thoughtful manner."

"Very kind to some of the participants who were not keeping up."

"Steve is open to communication from participants via e-mail or phone - an excellent resource."

"Patient, knowledgeable, helpful to all level of students, good sense of humor, warm and friendly."

"Instructor was able to communicate ideas - clear and easy to visualize and understand."

"Instructor was helpful and subject matter was fascinating."

"Focused teacher and quick, steady pace."

"Knowledgeable. Makes me feel all questions are OK."

"Instructor excellent, clear, engaging, excellent teacher."

"He's a real teacher."

"Open to questions at all times, pace was comfortable."

2006 - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

"Steven is a skilled instructor who has mastered the art of patience and humor both in the classroom and on location." - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

"Very personable, great attitude."

"Steve has the ability to relay information is a way that is professional yet friendly. He critiques without discouraging you."

"Very approachable. His excellent sense of humor is also a definite plus!"

"Very helpful and easy to understand."

"He took the time to give us each individual attention and assistance."

"Comfortable, fun learning experience."

"Critiques were creative and fun."

"Haven't laughed like this in a good while."

"Learned things I've never gotten before while reading the camera's manual."

"I did find my love of photography renewed and more refined."

"Great experience!"

2006 - Santa Fe Community College

"Instructor was fun and knowledgeable and presented the material in an organized, easy to understand, practical manner. Thanks."

"It was very informative."

"The pace, willingness to answer questions, thoroughness of instructor's knowledge and his ability to convey the information."

"Instructor's knowledgeable, practical approach."

"Keeps up to date with current technology in photography."

"Sense of humor and knowledgeable about the subject."

"Excellent instructor. Not only a great teacher but makes the class fun as well as interesting. Makes two hours seem like 30 minutes."

"Instructor was knowledgeable, funny and a very good teacher."

"Instructor was well informed and kept the class interesting and versatile."

"Steve's knowledge of photography and ability to teach that clearly."

"Excellent technical knowledge and instruction. Great personality. I learned a great deal - Steve kept it interesting."

"Very nice instructor. Easy going."

"He was very patient and thorough."

"He was wonderful. Very patient. He is superb."

"He explained things very straight forward which made me feel more competent about my skills."

"Encouraged questions."

"Class time was very productive."

"His relaxed style of teaching."

"The knowledge of the instructor in this area."

"Very knowledgeable about the topic. Made the class fun."

"It was just right.'

"Could not have been better."

"Very well organized."

"I highly recommend him as an instructor."

"Very helpful."

"We really enjoyed the course. We were novices and we were not embarrassed to ask questions."

"Well prepared course and instructor."

"His clarity."

"Encyclopedic knowledge distilled for beginners."

"Course covered exactly what I wanted. Knowledge of instructor was impressive."

"I really liked our instructor's willingness to help us all out and answer all our questions."

"Apt in subject matter but able to divide subject matter into understandable components."

"Focused and patient with good pacing. Expert coordination of lecture notes, visual and practical information."

"No stress, relaxing, but very informative and educational."

"He did and excellent job."

"This instructor and course is an asset to your program."

"I would very much recommend this course to anybody interested in photography."

"Clear and organized." 

2005 - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

"Had a lot of fun. Thanks."

"Fun relaxed environment."

"Exceptional patience, very helpful."

"All of my digital photography objectives were met."

"Much more than I expected."

"Great workshop."

"I came away from the class not being intimidated by the machine and able to use it much more effectively."

"Steve was very approachable and generous with his instruction."

"We laughed a lot."

2005 - Santa Fe Community College

"The instructor was very knowledgeable."

"His knowledge."

"For 30 years I served on Faculty Evaluation committees, and for several years chaired our University wide Promo Committee. I evaluate Mr. Walenta in this framework. He is engaging, well organized, projects high level grasp of his subject matter. He was always open to questions. Thus, flow of his presentation was smooth and logical, not broken. He also exhibited a friendly manner and a nice, appropriate sense of humor."

"Good sense of humor."

"Just generally enjoyed it."

"Steven is good instructor. This is the second class I've taken from him. Would like to see him teach more classes."


"Very knowledgeable and helpful."

"Very organized, clear and a good pace."

"Instructor was good at explaining concepts. The instructor has a nice personality and it felt easy to ask questions."

"Great class!"

"Steve was a well qualified and enthusiastic teacher. I certainly learned a lot."

"Well prepared."

"The instructor was easy to follow and I didn't feel like an idiot when asking questions. He was fun."

"He took a lot of confusing data and boiled it down to the basic of what I should know."

"Clear discussion of topic at hand. The instructor is very effective and an excellent teacher."

"Liked learning the entire process from start to finish."

"The instructor's knowledge of the mysteries of all things digital."

"The friendly atmosphere, easy pace and practical information."


"Made it fun."

"Steven made Digital Photography easy to understand."

"Couldn't get any better."

"I would highly recommend this class."

"Excellent course."

"Steven is FABULOUS!"

2004 - Santa Fe Community College

"Instructor explained things in an understandable way."

"He was well organized and stuck to his syllabus."

"The instructor has excellent examples of illustrated subjects."

"Excellent class."

"The instructor had a down-to-earth style and was easy to understand."

"The instructor has clear explanations and is patient."

"The instructor was very willing to answer questions and explain them."

"The course was well thought out."